Modern, rapidly deployable quality management software.

Atlas helps you build towards GMP compliance in days, not months.

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How Quality Management Usually Works

Paper-based SOPs and logs are flexible and quick to deploy, but they rely on employees remembering the right way to do things.

1. Write SOPs, and stick them in a binder.
2. Train employees while they daydream about lunch.
3. Keep giant mountains of paper and hope for the best.

More paper, more problems.

Procedures aren't
followed consistently.

Incidents and deviations
take hours to investigate.

Data is disconnected and
impossible to analyze.

Atlas gXp makes quality and compliance more efficient.

The flexibility of paper, and the power of legacy QMS software.

Atlas Features:

Document Management

  • Change Control
  • Approval Processes
  • Self Assessments

Process Management

  • Configure any procedure
  • Collect any data
  • Deploy from anywhere

Atlas gXp vs. other QMS Software

Atlas is faster to deploy, easier to configure, and more affordable than legacy QMS software.

Use existing procedures

Use our templates, or turn your own procedures into software with point-and-click configuration.

Integrate into existing software

Atlas is built to integrate into existing ERP software to "fill the gaps" with procedural data collection.

Make employees happy

Atlas is incredibly easy to use, with step-by-step screens for every procedure.

What can you track in Atlas gXp?

  • Batch Manufacturing Records
  • • Pesticide Application Records
  • • Water Testing Records
  • • Employee Training
  • • CAPA Tracking
  • • Vehicle Inspections
  • • Facility Sanitation
  • • Equipment Maintenance
  • • Cultivation Monitoring
  • • Compliance Checklists
  • • Product support
  • • Complaints and Returns
  • • Product Recalls

... and anything else that should be done consistently, and accurately.