Unparalleled visibility for compliance processes

Atlas allows you to document procedures, organize policy, and ensure compliance at every level of your organization.

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A typical, paper-based policy implementation

You create polices, but find it challenging to get approvals on paper. You give policy training, but find that months later people have forgotten their training. You always find yourself going back to the data to find answers.

Create Policies
Do Periodic Training
Generate Data

but problems arise when…

one of your
processes fail

a mishap
or incident occurs

you can’t easily
analyze your data

Atlas ties everything together.

Never transfer paper data to a spreadsheet again.
Welcome to a holistic approach in compliance tracking.

Document Management

  • Use built-in change control
  • Link procedures to regulations
  • Audit processes to ensure compliance

Process Management

  • Define powerful checklists
  • Collect data seamlessly
  • Deploy compliance updates instantly

Strategic Partnerships: Work smarter with Atlas

We help make it easy for non-technical teams to adopt and implement policy to meet evolving regulation. Lets help your clients be successful.

Work like normal

Continue to develop compliance procedures for your consulting clients.

Integrate with ease

Create custom compliance checklists based on your clients procedures.

Make clients happy

Your clients love and use their checklists, and breeze through audits with traceable data.

Partner benefits include:

  • Free licenses
  • • Free trials
  • • Discounts for your clients
  • • Lead generation
  • • Product support